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'System Volume Information' folder is massive...

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  • 'System Volume Information' folder is massive...

    I've got a 2008 R2 server that's having some strange issues with retaining old data in the 'System Volume Information' folder and it's eating up a large portion of the disk. Here's how the space is currently allocated... (BTW - I do not have any Shadow Copies enabled and there should be no reason the folder is this large.)

    Disk Size: 11.9TB
    Size of real files on disk: 872GB
    "Used Space": 4.51TB
    "Used Space" un-accounted for: 3.63TB (I believe this is being stored in the SVI folder but am unable to tell, due to the ACL's on it.)

    To give some background information leading up to the issue; I attempted to pre-stage about 3.5TB of DFS data and the process was unsuccessful (file hashes didn't match, and DFS attempted to push all the data over the WAN). So... I removed this server from the replication group, then deleted the entire pre-staged folder. At this point it seems like the data is being retained in the ':\System Volume Information\DFSR\Private\' folder even through all references in DFS have been removed and the root DFS folder has been deleted.

    I'm thinking that DFS moved the content to one of the folders in the SVI path, and I should be OK to go in and delete it... but I'm hesitant to start changing permissions on it because all other DFS shares on the machine are working correctly.

    I was thinking about trying the following... but I'm not 100% sure this is the right way to go about the problem.

    1. Adding Administrator to the ACL's using... (cacls "System Volume Information" /t /e /c /g Administrator:f)
    2. Determine which folder under ':\System Volume Information\DFSR\Private\' has the old data
    3. Delete that folder with the old data
    4. Restore original permissions using... (cacls "System Volume Information" /t /e /c /r Administrator)

    If you have any input/ideas/comments/concerns/recommendations/etc... any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


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    I know this was posted very long ago, but I see same situation in my new customer DFS environment. So just wanted to know deleting old dated folders helped to fix disk usage or what fixed your issue ?