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  • ADFS Question

    I'm having a nightmare trying to integrate ADFS with Google Apps right now. I'm not sure what the issue is but when I log into google I get to error page that says try again later. It does hit my ADFS but it seems like ADFS is not handing back off.

    More or less i followed this guide to configure it.

    Can someone who has an ADFS server NAV to https://localhost/adfs/ls

    When I go to that page I hit an error page... I was wondering if that is normal or if that's part of my problem.

    Thanks in advance if someone can do this for me. Also any tips or advice with this would be amazing.

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    Re: ADFS Question

    That guide appears to be a little erroneous by the guys own admission there mate, fair play to him for posting up his findings, but by his own admission he's got issues with it, so you're trying to polish the proverbial poop.

    I'd look elsewhere for setup info dude............


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      Re: ADFS Question

      Yea heh. Its soooo hard to find a good how to on ADFS they just dont exist.