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Accessing shares on Win2K8

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  • Accessing shares on Win2K8

    I'm a member of Domain Admins on a 2K8 server, when accessing shares on this server I'm prompted to click "continue" for access and when I do, my user name is assigned access within the share. I don't like this as my Domain Admin credential should give me this access without having to assign my username to each and every share. I'm assuming this is the ever famous UAC, if so what can I do to circumvent this scenario other than turning UAC off?

    Thanks in advance for your valued expertise my friends.

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    Re: Accessing shares on Win2K8

    This won't be UAC. It's probably due to the way the top level folder for the share has been configured to ensure that the user folders created underneath it, usually by the system when a Folder Redirection policy or home area folder is assigned to a user, only allows that user to access it. As Domain Admins is an owner of the folder, either though direct assignment or being a member of another group that has ownership permissions, it allows you to access it by assigning an NTFS permission to it to gain access.

    If the sub-folders are set to still inherit permissions you could assign an appropriate security group on the root folder and have it cascade the permission down. However, this shouldn't be assigned to Domain Admins. Ideally, it should be another AD group that a select number of admins will be made a member of. Should you already limit the number of Domain Admins, in your scenario, it could be ok. It would also be advisable to configure an element of auditing. The question is more, why is the access required?
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