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GPO, set default Home Page, and IE9

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  • GPO, set default Home Page, and IE9

    hello all,
    wow I've read a lot of post on this. I on win server 08 standard/gpm ver 6.0.0.\the machine that I am testing which is mine is on the network its a desktop its a win 7 ultimate.
    Mine is not working, these are my steps. I created an o/u in a/d then created a group then added myself and another person to that group. I logged on to my domain controller started up GPM. I drilled down to that container(folder) and right clicked create a gpo in this domain and link it here\user config\policies\windows settings\internet explorer maintenance\urls\important urls\home page url
    I checked customize home page url and paste and also tried typing in the home page that I want to use, I also tried different ones like yahoo or msn.
    at first it worked but now it will not change home page. I did a gpupdate /force it says updated user and computer policy successfully.
    I logged of, restarted same issue. help

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    Re: GPO, set default Home Page, and IE9

    Group Policy Results show it applying as expected?
    Any errors in the event log?

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: GPO, set default Home Page, and IE9

      andy thanks you put me on the right track, I ran gp report, it seems that if there is another policy set for i/e it will take that one over the new one?
      never the less I added the url that I wanted to the old i/e policy and it worked. we have a gp called default domain policy. question I would like to exclude departments and users how do I go about doing that? I think I know but would like to make sure?
      also very important I notice the gp only applies to i/e? how about firefox and chrome? please tell me ms has a fix for that?
      also I think I read I can set gp to disable the tools\internet options\use current use default use blank
      buttons that way someone can not easily change them home page to what they want it to be