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converting from standalone to enterprise

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  • converting from standalone to enterprise

    I am configuring AD DS following a lab in class and for some reason it made me select standalone but the lab told me to choose enterprise. I went ahead and followed the rest of the lab but it will definitely be an issue because apparently I will need autoenrollment down the line. Can someone help me fix this?

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    Re: converting from standalone to enterprise

    Might be too early for me but can you explain more about what you have setup?

    There is no standalone or enterprise for active directory. There is for certificate authorities though.

    This any help?

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      Re: converting from standalone to enterprise

      My bad, man, you can tell I'm new at this. I did Active directory but the I was adding the Certificate services role and that's where I was supposed to make it an enterprise as opposed to standalone but it was greyed out and I don't know how to change it. I'm gonna hop over to that link right now but it's 1:30 AM so if i don't find something I'm gonna try it again tomorrow. Thanks for responding, bro.