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Backup advice please

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  • Backup advice please

    TGIF All!
    I am implementing a new 2008R2 AD for a large organisation that has many locations and half a dozen or so are going to host DC's that replicate back to our HQ which has 6 servers performing various functions.

    I need guidance on the topic of backups :

    Say a server in one of my satellite locations was to blow up for arguments sake, and it was called DC05 and we had no backup of the 'C' drive holding the system files or the System State. An engineer travels up there with a new server and proceeds to install the operating system from scratch and gives the server the SAME NAME. He then does a DC Promo, having 1st removed the old DC05 server object at HQ prior to going to the job. Will this cause big problems? Or would it be preferable to install the new server with a different name, such as DC06?

    Of course, in my mind the best option would be to backup the WHOLE DC05 server every day to tape/disk/cloud and then perform a restore from this data using the recommended Microsoft methods, but this may be difficult.

    Am I asking for a world of pain if I adopt the 'build a new server and give it the same name' approach, or is AD kind enough to allow this to happen quite happily?

    Or is a traditional backup the only feasible way?

    Thanks all, enjoy the sunshine!


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    Re: Backup advice please.............

    As long as there has been a full metadata cleanup first, and it has fully replicated, there should be no problems
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      Re: Backup advice please.............

      1. As long as you've cleared your metadata then there should be no issues.

      2. Its an option but for a DC i'd just clean the metadata and create a new box with the same name if required.

      Make sure you have a backup of any files that you have stored on the DC for restoration and recreation of shares if required.


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        Re: Backup advice please.............

        Thanks guys for your speedy responses as usual

        We'll be using DFS shares for user data so that will be replicated and taken care of. So a metadata cleanup will sort to my ears.