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dcdiag error on dns server when connecting second dc

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  • dcdiag error on dns server when connecting second dc

    Good day all - have an existing Server 2008 R2 domain controller with AD and DNS installed. Upwards of 75 clients using RDC across NA. Set up a second server and am trying to attach to domain in order to do real time replication/backup in case of server crash. When trying to connect to AD xxxxx.local, got error message regarding DNS name resolution. Can ping both IP address and xxxx.local successfully. dcdiag test on both original and backup servers result in "the host xxxx._msdcs.xxxxx.local could not be resolved to an ip address. check the DNS server, DHCP, server names etc. got error while checking LDAP and RPC connectivity. Please check your firewall settings.

    Server IP settings are:
    DNS (local isp)

    Backup IP settings are:

    Backup is able to resolve internet names. Both servers are 2008 R2 with latest updates. Both also use Symantec End Point Protection (client installed)

    Ideally, I want to do dcpromo and have second dc active in case of failure. Any assistance/suggestions/pointers would be appreciated.

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    Re: dcdiag error on dns server when connecting second dc

    Do you have any local clients that can resolve internally ok there?
    When you say you have 75 clients using RDP, what do they connect to?

    Server1 shouldn't have the internet DNS settings on its adapter, these should be in forwarders in the DNS MMC. You say Server2 can resolve internet names so I would think something like this is already setup maybe.

    The rest of the setup looks ok although I prefer to use the servers IP rather than loopback.

    Does your DNS console look as it should?
    Anything in the event logs?

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