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RRAS / VPN issue -

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  • RRAS / VPN issue -

    I've been banging my head against a wall with this, and have searched high and low. I need to know if I am missing something or doings something wrong.

    I have the following:

    192.168.11.x - Core VLAN where servers sit. Router/modem for the network sits here as well at

    RRAS server -

    AD/DHCP/DNS Server -

    192.168.15.x - Client VLAN - this is where my VPN clients would be, specifically - is reserved for VPN users.

    Each VLAN's switch address is and, respectively.

    I have RRAS installed on the above server. Configured to use IP addresses from the aforementioned address pool. DHCP Relay points to

    Here's where I'm at:

    Locally, and outside of my network I can connect to the VPN. I get prompted for username, password & domain. It took me a while to get here (curse you, Internet guides not mentioning GRE is UDP!) I can authenticate. I get an IP address (, and so on).

    When I do an ipconfig, it lists my IP address and the correct DNS Server (, but does not list a DHCP server. I'm 100% positive that's because I told RRAS to pick from a specific address pool. Furthermore, it does not list a default gateway. Therefore, I cannot route to anything else on the network; and can only see and/or ping the RRAS server that is giving me the VPN in the first place.

    If I tell RRAS to use DHCP ... those DHCP packets don't actually get relayed to the DHCP server. I presume this is an issue with a switch somewhere that does the VLANs, or something else, I haven't done much troubleshooting here. In the DHCP Scope options, I have the router 003 option set for Default Routing & Remote Access Class.

    Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to add a routing protocol? (I've been wary of this, I was unsure if it would mess up routes and other things going on with our Sonicwall & or switches). I've tried adding several static routes several different ways and run into the same issue; despite restarting RRAS.

    I apologize if this is a little long; I like providing as much information as possible.

    I feel very stupid with this issue since it should be something relatively simple and or straight-forward, unless the fact I'm putting the clients on a different VLAN is just not possible.