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  • remove SBS GPOs

    I'm not certain which forum to post this in, so I'll start here as Windows Server 2008 R2 is what I am currently dealing with...

    I'm working with a server running Windows 2008 R2 standard edition. it was upgraded from Windows SBS 2000. The server is operating well for the most part, but there are some issues of slow operation on the network. I have been troubleshooting and have in fact upgraded much of the networking hardware (new 24-port gigabit switch, rewiring, etc.). As this has not completely resovled the issue, I'm interested in addressing any possible remaining GPOs that may have come along in the migration from SBS 2000 to Server 2008 R2.

    I am quite unfamiliar with Group policy, and therefore could use some assistance - in what to look for, how to find it, and ultimately how to remove it. My first indicator that something is wrong in Group policy stemming from SBS2000 policies is a Folder Redirection error I am seeing regularly (almost daily) in the event log. I attempted to remove the GPO regarding folder redirection but now I get a new error - event id 515, source folder redirection, "Failed to remove policy for folder Videos" - as it is trying to create a folder on the old server which is no longer on the network. IU am also receiving warnings in the EventLog with IDs 1112, 510, 1085, and 515 referring to GroupPolicy, and Folder Redirection. I should note that I've rebooted the server a number of times in making changes and attempting to remove these errors to no avail.

    I am happy to report any additional information that might be required for a successful fix here.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: remove SBS GPOs

    Well i`m very curious what is your complete setup? disks, mem etc could u post?
    seems that u installed on a very old server.


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      Re: remove SBS GPOs

      Is the folder redirection policy still assigned to users and working? If you wish to remove it, have you changed the setting it complains about to a location that exists and then tried removing it?

      When you did your upgrade to 2008 R2 from 2000, did you also use the /gpprep switch?


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        Re: remove SBS GPOs

        Good morning Virtual and mhoogev and thanks for your replies!

        I should clarify, Server 2008 R2 is running on all new hardware which replaced the server running SBS 2000.

        The folder redirection policy is trying to map to a location that doesn't exist. I tried changing that location at one time, but for some reason the change never took (though i did not receive any errors when applying the changes). The Event ID that seems to relate to this is 1085 - which informs me that "Windows failed to apply the %8 settings. %8 settings might have its own log file. Please click the "More information" link."

        this error continues to show up and would appear to tell me that for some reason my changes in Group Policy aren't taking effect.



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          Re: remove SBS GPOs

          Just throwing this out there, but if you don't have a subscription to the following site, get one:

          Now, on a more helpful note, for troubleshooting Group Policy, you'll want to find out which policies are affecting your server. You do this by going to the Group Policy Management console, right-clicking on the Group Policy Results option at the bottom of the left window pane and selecting Group Policy Results Wizard. Then just select the computername (or leave as default if you're running it on the actual server), use your username on the next page, since you can see the problem while logged in, then finish out the process and it will tell you which policies its applying and where they are located in AD. Folder redirection policies will be on the User Configuration side of GP.

          However, I don't see folder redirection policies as creating the network slowness problem, so the first thing I'd do is make sure you don't have any speed/duplex issues between the NIC and the switch. If you have one side hard-coded to something like Full/1000 and the other is listed as auto/auto, you're going to get network slowness. Nowadays it's just best to leave everything as auto-negotiating, unless hardware specific documentation says otherwise.
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            Re: remove SBS GPOs

            Thanks for your reply Bertmax. I do have a paid subscription to I have looked through their documentation on my event ids without any success.

            As for the network hardware, I have a few switches in the mix. A brand new Dell gigabit 24-port that has not been altered from its default state, as well as a few 10/100 network switches throughout the office. We have a Dlink gigabit router between the internet modem and the network, but it should have no effect on the network, as DNS and DHCP are both handled by the server. The NIC on the server is running with a static IP and everything else running at default to my knowledge.

            The reason I am wanting to clear up issues with GP is some of the network slowdown, but moreover, this particular client has a third-party app used on all their workstations with a DB hosted on this server that is regularly crashing on the workstations. I'm wanting to clear up any outstanding issues on the server to ensure we are not the cause, and then I can go to this tird-party developer for assistance. Slow logins on the workstations are a regular concern as well.

            I went through your GP results process and one area had the caution symbol on it - the component Status under user configuration summary. The error was as follows:

            Folder Redirection Pending 2012-06-27 9:02:25 AM
            Folder Redirection did not complete policy processing because the user needs to log on again for the settings to be applied. Group Policy will attempt to apply the settings at the user's next logon.

            Additional information may have been logged. Review the Policy Events tab in the console or the application event log for events between 2012-06-27 9:02:25 AM and 2012-06-27 9:02:25 AM.

            This message is similar to the error I've received on the server's event log since day one. Since that time I've rebooted the server and workstations numerous times only to find the issue persists.

            I was able to save the entire report as an HTML file and will attach it to this post.

            Any thoughts? Thanks again for digging into this with me.

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              Re: remove SBS GPOs

              Found the following on Technet:

              It's basically configuring the GPO to process folder redirection over slow network connections, since while the folder redirection policy may not be causing the slow network, the slow network could be causing problems with folder redirection. Just follow the instructions in that first answer and see what happens.