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2008 only virtualizer or also DC ?

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  • 2008 only virtualizer or also DC ?

    I will describe here my new problem.

    School with 2 subnets :

    Subnet A with +- 15 client (WinXP & Win2K) for accounting with 172.16.x.x

    There is an Active directory based on an old SBS2003 server (single DC)
    that runs also 2 legacy server applications for school management.
    None of the special functions of SBS (SQL, exchange, fax, ...) is truely necessary
    but AD : it would be sufficient a simple Win2003 standard server.

    subnet B with +. 150 client (WinXP & Win7) for laboratories, students and teachers
    with 192.168.0.x

    There is a firewall hardware protecting the entire net

    Everything is running fine !

    Now we have a new proliant ML 110 G7 with 16 GBytes of ram
    and a license for Win 2008 R2 both standard and enterprise.

    I would prefer to run 2 legacy server applications on the same
    ambient (Win2K3) where I am sure to work fine; I am not sure
    about running under Win2008 R2 !

    I must install and configure this new machine
    and prepare everything for shutdown of SBS2003 server
    and relocating everything on proliant server.

    I think to virtualize Win2K3 in 2008R2, install AD, DC
    and legacy applications in Win2K3.

    Question 1
    Can I manage this Win2K3 exactly as it would be a physical server ?

    Question 2
    How can I move AD and single DC functions from old SBS2003 to new Win2K3 ?

    Question 3
    How can I manage Win2008 R2 : only as a "virtualizer machine" or as
    a true DC with same AD of Win2K3 virtualized and, in this event,
    how can I do this for best results ?

    What do you think about this all ?

    Thank you for your valuable time.

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    Re: 2008 only virtualizer or also DC ?

    Q1) Virtual servers are managed exactly as you would a physical server (but only remotely!)
    Q2) is your friend

    Q3) MS licensing says HyperV is the only role you should install if you are using the extra "virtual" licenses. It is preferred not to use a DC as a HyperV server (nothing actually stopping you doing it, but bad security). Also if your HyperV machine is a domain member, you need at least one physical DC to boot first
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      Re: 2008 only virtualizer or also DC ?

      I have another different question.

      This new proliant has a good SmartStart DVD
      (now also on this entry level model !)
      with the option to recover the hardware to an initial state.

      I think I may have 3-4 days of this new proliant server free for my test.
      I'd like to test vmware architecture.
      What could i do to test vmware ?
      Download and install EXSi 5.0 or something other ?
      What would you do with this hardware ?

      Thank you another time.


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        Re: 2008 only virtualizer or also DC ?

        Thank you Ossian.

        You mean that I have a problem !
        I will not have a second DC in the next future when old SBS2003 will be removed.

        I have thought to have 2008 r2 as first DC (physical DC) and W2K3 virtualized as a second DC.
        What do you mean as "bad security" ?

        Thank you.