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Disable domain authentication during a WDS install?

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  • Disable domain authentication during a WDS install?

    I've done some searching on the forums but not found a clear answer of whether this is possible and how it would be done if it is possible. Here is a quick excerpt of what I'm attempting to do.

    I have a Windows Deployment Services server installed on a 2008 R2 domain controller that I plan to use for a lab network to install a variety of different Windows and Linux operating systems. Everything works fine on the actual installs. I've been able to test a variety of operating system installs without issue.

    The issue I'm running into is that every time we start up a Windows install, it asks to authenticate with a domain user and password. We are wanting to avoid giving anyone permissions and my access to this system once it is in place will be limited. I've went through the unattended xml documentation thinking some of the credential options there, but as far as I can tell, these don't affect this prompt. Is there any way to either script this username and password or skip it?

    Secondly, I don't want the system to be joined to a domain following the installation. I want it to be in a workgroup environment with the same account information on each system. Is this possible?

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    Re: Disable domain authentication during a WDS install?

    I started replying.. then read over your thread again, and retracted what I was writing.

    I'm a bit confused by what you're hoping to achieve..

    You have a WDS Server.
    You start up a new computer, press F12 to start the PXE boot.
    PXE finds the WDS server, and downloads the image
    the Image then starts a windows installation
    At this point, you're prompted for a domain password ?
    It could be that it's asking for permission to join the domain ?

    take a look at this link:

    It looks like he might be trying to acheive something similar to you..
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      Re: Disable domain authentication during a WDS install?

      Thanks for your reply back. To clarify, I get a domain login prompt every time I start a Windows deployment. It happens on the Language and Keyboard layout screens. I took a screenshot of the message and have attached it in my reply. Regarding joining the domain, I actually would prefer that the users not join the domain since I won't have consistent access to this once its deployed and new test systems and people will be rotated in and out with my knowledge, so I don't want to add and remove computer accounts and user accounts. I would prefer each system, once deployed, be in a workgroup environment with a standardized local administrative password. Let me know if you or anyone else has any ideas.
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