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Account Unknown in User Profiles

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  • Account Unknown in User Profiles

    I have alot of these. Not sure how this happens. this is on my terminal server, it is part of a domain.

    In my "users" folder in explorer, I see names "john doe" and "john doe.domainname", "jane doe" and "jane doe.domainname"

    However, in the userprofile area in computer managemaent, you don't see the john or jane doe, just the john or jane doe.domain name, and Account Unknown's.

    Troubleshooting by creating a new folder as i am logged on, i then log off, log on as an administrator, go to windows explorer, and the folder shows up in the users that are using the "john.domainname" profile, NOT the john profile, So i am assuming that the "account unknown" is the profile without the domain name.

    any ideas

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    Re: Account Unknown in User Profiles

    i just looked through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList and see that i have 4 "john doe's"(SAME USERNAME...NOT JOHN DOE LOL) diffrent sid's and 1 "john doe.domainname".

    so i copied the sid of the domain profile, pasted to the 1st of 4 "john doe's" in the registry, went to user profile in computer manager, saw the "john doe" appear that didn't before i pasted, deleted that profile, logged in, and that new folder that i created was gone which was in the domain profile.

    I created a new user, to the domain controller as all users are, logged into the terminal server, i then went to my admin account, looked at explorer, and the created username DID NOT have the .domain added, just the name.

    so how does the .domain get added?

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      Re: Account Unknown in User Profiles

      If you create a local user account, MrBlood, it will show up in the folder as MrBlood.

      If you then create a domain account on the domain controller called MrBlood, and then log onto the domain via that same PC using MrBlood's credentials, a new entry will appear called MrBlood.domain-name.

      If you create a new account on the domain controller that does not already exist on the PC, the new account will show up just as MrBlood.

      The domain name is appended to accounts with the same name that have been already been created locally. It serves to distinguish between domain and local user accounts that have the same name.
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        Re: Account Unknown in User Profiles

        The .domain (or .computername, .domain.000, .domain.001, etc) get created when:
        - There's a username collision (like Blood described)
        - There is a user that was recreated
        - There is profile corruption

        There might be others but those are the reason off the top of my head. Basically the "Account Unknown" is for profiles that are can't be resolved either by the local SAM or by the domain.

        If these folders are growing then you should look at the event log for user profile issues.

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