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SMTP setup scenario- need help

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  • SMTP setup scenario- need help


    I have a long story that I will cut short and cut to the chase. So I ran into an issue where our application (a learning suite) wants to use our mail gateway to send emails out. These emails are things like password resets and what not.

    Long story short, we have it authenticating against our mail server. When a user hit submit, a line was sent to the database. Then a JavaMail API picked it up somehow and sent it to our linux based sendmail. It was working.. but it was VERY VERY latent. 5 minutes + to send a message.

    Here is where I need help. I set up a 2008 server and i want to configure sendmail to send the messages. I can point the application to a mail server but it needs username and password. I installed the SMTP feature but I am not sure how I need to set it up so that it can authenticate properly. I believe the application needs a username and password so do I just set up a user under 2008, and supply those?

    These boxes are not joined to any domain and we do NOT recieve email. I simply need to send email. How do I configure a 2008 SMTP server so that it sends mail, and has a way to authenticate with a username and password?

    Also, how can I test this? . I setup DNS for it but when i set up outlook, it wants an email and I dont know what email it would accept.

    Its hard to explain, and I would love for windows 7 to do this, because then I can do it all localhost wise but I could not find SMTP on windows 7.

    Settings in my SMTP:
    IP address: (the ip of my 200
    Authentication: Anonymous checked
    Relay: All
    Connection: All
    Outbound security: Anony.


    Apparently what ever worked worked.. I testd with outlook and i got it.. but 5 minutes later. So.. i guess this post is irrelevant but still.. what would be the best settings for this?
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    Re: SMTP setup scenario- need help

    We use Mercury/32 mail server software. Straight forward to set up. Create an account for the application e.g. [email protected] and add a password. Point the software at the IP address of the mail server.

    I use this for our company email and also for all monitoring software and software alerts from our security software, WSUS, events etc
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