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Need to Setup 30 Thin Client Lab

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  • Need to Setup 30 Thin Client Lab


    I have a requirement to use thin clients in a Server 2008 lab environment. I'm not sure yet about simple Active Directory and thin clients that use 'Domain Join' ... or perhaps Terminal Server with thin clients connecting as RDP. Does anyone have any experience with this? Most of the users will be doing Word processing or internet research... I'm hoping they can watch flash videos or light multimedia without problems

    Thanks sincerely

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    Re: Need to Setup 30 Thin Client Lab

    if you're using thinclients, best idea would be to use RDP, or published Apps.
    thin clients can join a domain.
    i havne't deployed them specifically, but I'm fairly sure I've worked on a site where it has been done.

    Otherwise, you just have an automatic logon for each local thinclient, and it automatically starts RDP, which presents the terminal server, where they logon using domain credentials..
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