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W2008 Server Network Very Slow

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  • W2008 Server Network Very Slow

    Good Day,

    We have a brand new 8 core Dell server with gigabit NIC running W2008 Standard and Exchange 2010. On transfers to and from that server from any XP or 2003 workstation I get a 165K/s transfer rate max on a 100MB switch. To transfer a 15MB file takes up to 5 minutes! The rate starts at 8 k/s then slowly speeds up to 150 k/s or so. It hit 165 k/s only once. My TaskMgr network screen shows 1.5% - 1.75% throughput. If someone gets a file attachment on their email they can literally make a coffee before it opens.

    (Note the same 15MB file transferred from a W2003 server to a WinXP workstation takes 2 seconds and all three 2008, 2003 and XP boxes are on the same 100 speed switch. )

    I have turned off all of the NIC advanced networking features and turned off the TCP/IP parameters. This is what my TCP-IP settings look like now:

    TCP Global Parameters
    Receive-Side Scaling State : disabled
    Chimney Offload State : disabled
    NetDMA State : disabled
    Direct Cache Acess (DCA) : disabled
    Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level : disabled
    Add-On Congestion Control Provider : ctcp
    ECN Capability : disabled
    RFC 1323 Timestamps : disabled

    I had the same slow network issue with a Win7 box the turned off RDC (Remote Differential Compression) to fix that issue, but RDC is not installed on this server so I am at a loss.

    Win firewall is turned off and the service disabled.

    Anything to do with IPV6 is turned off, any offloading or VLAN, or network moderation is all turned off. DNS is set up correctly.

    Looking for any inspirational ideas.



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    Re: W2008 Server Network Very Slow

    Possible duplex mismatch? Are the server and switchport set for auto negotiate? If its a managed switch I would log in and check out the logs. Cisco switches default to 100mb half-duplex when one side is hard coded and the other is auto on a 100Mb switchport. Is it just file transfers? Can you ping to said host from server and vice versa with good results? What is the mtu on the server set for?
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      Re: W2008 Server Network Very Slow

      network drivers up to date?
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        Re: W2008 Server Network Very Slow

        There was a registry key setting that needed to be set that worked for one user here.

        It will be in this forum somewhere and i'll post up when i find it.


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          Re: W2008 Server Network Very Slow

          In addition to those options, try disabling any of the options in the advanced NIC properties that have the word 'offload' in them. Also, can you bypass the switch? Connect the server directly to a system and see what kind of throughput you have? Also, most newer systems run on gigabit connection and having a 10/100 switch could cause problems if the speed on any systems are trying to auto negotiate at 1000. If the switch has flow control functionality, I would also turn that on.