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Replicating Files over WAN - DFS?

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  • Replicating Files over WAN - DFS?

    Looking for a solution to a problem and think DFS might be it.

    I have a 2008 R" domain (domain and forest at 2008 R2 functional level).

    Have a lot of files at head office on a file server currentyl shared by a simple UNC path and mapped drive to users.

    As we expand I am looking to put a DC on each remote site so users have some local functions and limit the WAN useage.

    The key for me here is the users being able to access those central files, and they would be too much for the WAN to handle.

    Can I convert (maybe convert isn't the right word) the current UNC share (a single folder with many sub-folders) on an NTFS volume into a DFS Namespace and then replicate that out?

    My logic here (I am not experienced in DFS at all I might add) is that each remote site would then have a local copy of all shared files, and when modified they would be able to replicate to all other servers so they were all up-to-date as staff move between sites regularly.

    Does that make sense? And woul dit do what I want?

    I have played a little with DFS today and got it to do what I want with a new folder etc., but I want to know whether it would work on an existing folder/share.


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    Re: Replicating Files over WAN - DFS?

    Haven't used it yet myself, but have you looked at 2008R2's 'Branch Cache' option?
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      Re: Replicating Files over WAN - DFS?

      We haven't changed over to 2008 R2 yet but we have DFS shares replicating over a WAN domain in a hub and spoke formation.

      We haven't had any major issues with it. Replication is a bit slow at times but it works.