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need quick suggestion : raid config for proxy server

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  • need quick suggestion : raid config for proxy server

    I prepare Proxy server. The server specs are above requirements.
    2008 Server will run on physical server.
    I would like to know opinion on storage config.

    2 options:

    1. 4 HD 300GB 10K 4 disks in RAID 10 - OS and proxy app and data

    2. 2 HD 146GB 15K RAID 1 - for OS and app
    and 2x300GB 10K RAID 1 - for Proxy Data (capacity is enough)

    Would second option have any advatage performance wise for proxy?

    I guess option 1 is OK.

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    Re: need quick suggestion : raid config for proxy server

    Opt 2 makes more sense if you assume you don't want your proxy data (SQL database?) on the same volumes/spindles as your OS. Keep the data separate.
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      Re: need quick suggestion : raid config for proxy server

      the other thing to consider with a proxy is this:

      Depending on your load and configuration - I'm mainly thinking a caching proxy here - you want the absolute fastest disk subsystem you can get.

      If you've got a network of 100 people, it's caching all their data.... so there's lots of tiny little files being read and written at high load...

      but yes, with the example you've given, I'd also go 2 RAID1 volumes.

      an additional idea, if you had the budget and the capacity, would be two disks in a RAID 0, that exist ONLY as the cache location.
      that way, if you lose the array, it doesn't matter, you've lost nothing important.
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