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UAC administrator access denied

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  • UAC administrator access denied

    You know, I really miss Server 2003. When I logged on as Administrator or with my domain admin account, I had unfettered access to the operating system. Now, with 2008, all I get is "Access denied."

    All I want to do is save a file in a subfolder of "Program Files (x86)" and I can't do it logged on as the local administrator. I've tried taking ownership of the folder, but it won't let me do that without propogating that revision to all subfolders and files, but for every single one of those, I get "Access is denied." Same thing goes for propogating folder security permissions and even the "Read-Only" folder attribute. I've turned off UAC, but I don't think this has anything to do with that.

    Why can I not have the same unlimited access as an administrator in server 2008 that I do in 2003? Hey Microsoft, let ME worry about security and you give me an OS that just f'n works, OK?

    Does anyone have an explanation? I've googled this over and over without an answer.

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    Re: Administrator

    By the way, I did read an article about how the "Access is denied" message is an error and that if you hit "Continue", the action will be applied anyway. That is not so in my case. The folder's owner always reverts to "TrustedInstaller."


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      Re: Administrator

      it's called User Account Control, or UAC. It's the same as in Vista or Win7.
      you could also try "Run as administrator"

      when logged on as domain admin, you DO still have full access to te server, and you can do whatever you want. It's jsut some things, require elevated privileges. This is a Good Thing.

      It prevents novice sysadmins from doing stupid things without realising.

      The OS DOES work, and it does work, on an intelligent security model. In fact, it works on a similar model to unix (where most people never logon as root, and instead use sudo or su to perform elevated commands.)
      This is one of the reasons why historically, there have been far less system-level security violations of unix based OS compared to Windows - it's much harder to get something to run at that level.

      Microsoft are starting to move away from the "this is my computer, let me do what I want" model and towards a more secure model.

      If you WERE Worrying about security, you'd realise that malware spreads when it has unfettered action to system locations. So you'd realise it's a good thing that the OS takes action to prevent it happening by default.
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        Re: UAC administrator access denied

        "Microsoft are starting to move away from the "this is my computer, let me do what I want" model and towards a more secure model."

        Well, that's the problem right there. Why shouldn't I be allowed to do whatever I want? Give me an OS that doesn't make me jump through hoops and I'll take care of my own security. Plus, there is no "Run as administrator" option that I've found when trying to take ownership of a folder. I have run Windows Explorer as an administrator, and I've used an elevated CLI to try to reassign ownership, and even that doesn't work.

        Now, all that said, I'm thinking it has to do more with Kaspersky than Microsoft. Kaspersky is another of those companies who lock down their stuff to the point of frustration, and it doesn't even do it well. Logged in as administrator on a 2003 server, you can't stop the service or end the process. However, you CAN right-click the icon in the system tray and select "Exit", while logged in as anyone. Kaspersky's AV detection skills are on par with anyone, but man is it a headache to administor.


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          Re: UAC administrator access denied

          If the UAC is so annoying (and I agree that it is) then just disable it.
          Change UAC Settings
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            Re: UAC administrator access denied

            Or, install your program directly off the C:\ drive - you'll have full access to all the files and folders you require.

            ..\Program Files is locked down by default. Start trying to change the security of these folders and you risk corrupting your installation.
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