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Fileshares Blocked

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  • Fileshares Blocked

    I have a 2008 R2 server (on a 2000 domain) that has suddenly stopped allowing remote access to file shares (even admin shares). Theses file shares have have been working for months.

    I did several windows updates last night and configured Distributed Transaction Coordinator to Allow Network Access for our SQL server.

    This server name can be resolved etc... and this server can access any other machine but I've been unable to access or see this 2008 R2 server from other machines.

    The firewall is disabled, file and printer sharing is enabled etc... the shares were working fine yesterday. I've uninstalled all the updates from last night but that didn't work. I have been troubleshooting this and reading forums for the last 6 hours.

    Anyone have any ideas or thoughts?


    I wanted to add that the error I get from a W2K3 machine is "No network provider accepted the given network path".

    When I try it from an XP machine it say I either don't have permission (I'm logged into both machines with the same user) or the Network Path was not found.
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    Re: Fileshares Blocked

    Problem solved...


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      Re: Fileshares Blocked


      Can you share so other may benefit.