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Server 2003 -> Server 2008 r2

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  • Server 2003 -> Server 2008 r2

    hi everyone,

    from what i understand if you are rebuilding a server which doesnt have a BDC and then trying to join the clients onto the domain it fails due to the trust relationships and there is no way around this correct? The only way is to take them off the domain and re-add them to the domain.

    What ive noticed is with SBS servers if you rebuild them the computers can authenticate straight away without taking them off and back on the domain.

    Anyone know the exact role / in-depth reasoning for this and if there is a way around it? Need to rebuild a domain controller from 2003 to 2008 r2 but there is no BDC / other servers to transfer roles.

    Trying to find an easier way then taking a 100 odd computers off and on the domain again - yes the nightmares and hair loss will be in full force...


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    Re: Server 2003 -> Server 2008 r2

    If you have a single server and format it to install another OS then you are in effect getting rid of your exisitng domain and creating a new one and as such you will need to add them to the domain.

    I'm unsure about the SBS thing because i've never used it but i would presume that this acts in exactly the same way.

    Are you creating a new SBS server or Server 2008 R2?? If the latter then create a VM on your laptop, using any number of free tools, and transfer your roles to that, allow it to replicate then remove and rebuild the physical server.

    1. Run the relevant ADPPREP commands to prep your domain for a later OS.
    2. Create a new Server 2008 R2 Server.
    3. Add server to exisitng domain and promote to be a DC. Add the GC role
    4. Allow repliaction to occur.
    5. Transfer all existing roles on the DC to the virtual DC.
    6. Allow replication to occur.
    7. Once you have a full backup of the system DCPROMO to remove the DC duties from the physical server, also allows it to do it cleanly.
    8. Format and install Server 2008 R2, dcpromo, GC and you should be good to go.

    Remember and document the server prior to making any changes and move DNS, DHCP, WINS to the new DC.

    If there is something missing one of my more esteemed colleagues will add to the list.

    Again if is the former then sorry i can't help and this thread is in the wrong place.


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      Re: Server 2003 -> Server 2008 r2

      Thanks for the response and interesting to know that it can be done through a VM to transfer the roles and then transfer the GC.

      Yes thanks had documented it all and everything went well, it was just the rejoining workstations to the domain which i found to be painfully slow

      Ill run that past the SBS forum as noticed on SBS Servers you dont have to do that which was the beauty of it and saves a lot of time in single server domain environments.

      thanks for your help.