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cannot create a DFS in 2008 Mode

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  • cannot create a DFS in 2008 Mode

    We have 2 AD Controllers running Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. I also have 3 Member Servers 2 running 2008 R2 and one running Server 2003. I installed the DFS Naming Service onto one of the Server 2008 R2 systems to create our first Naming System. I also raised the Domain Level to 2008 on the AD Controllers as they were at 2003 since we had at one time 2 older 2003 AD Controllers which no longer exist. When I goto create a new naming system I am unable to check off 2008 mode. We have never used DFS in this company so there should be no old 2000 DFS Naming Servers/Space. Is there any reason that I cannot create this NameSpace in 2008 Mode? Any help would be greatly appreciated.