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MDT Unable to Install Applications Wrong Command??

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  • MDT Unable to Install Applications Wrong Command??

    I am unable to install the applications(microsoft calculator plus here) using the MDT 2010 U1.

    my command line arguments look like below and is under standard application

    msiexec /i Calcplus.msi /quiet/norestart

    My working directory states

    .\Applications\Microsoft advanced calculator

    My Task Sequence states in the default ""State restore" it has Install applications with radio button selected which says "install multiple applications"

    My custom.ini file has settings
    Applications01={guid of application}

    I have checked the GUID is correct.

    Bascially, after OS install, It does inititate Msiexec and a dialog box appears which shows me the switches that can be run with msiexec but it actually does not run msiexec to install the application. I am wondering whether I have to give full path in msiexec command line argument because here I just say run
    msiexec /i CalcPlus.msi where Calcplus.msi is name of MSi file. So is it smart enough to find where this Calcplus.msi is right now(because it has path to working directory mentioned as
    .\Applications\Microsoft advanced calculator

    Please help. I believe its something to do with syntax or what?? I need to solve this issue soon .Thank you for help
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    Re: MDT Unable to Install Applications Wrong Command??

    Your switches are wrong then.

    If it comes up and shows you the dialogue box it is getting as far as running the actual command.

    Have you tested the command locally to ensure that it works?

    What is the command you are using?