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  • migration suggestion/help


    I am trying to move my existing domain (win2003) to a new domian (windows2008 ). Its in the same network but different forests. I have the trust setup between both domains. I know I can use admt but i dont know where to start. I dont know if should copy the gpos first then ous then users etc. I want the new domain to be almost like a replica of the old domain. I want to move over the users,sids,groups,ous,gpos,share folder permission. Any help is highly appreciated, thanks.

    I accidently submitted in the wrong section, Op if you can move it that would be great. I am not sure how to delete it
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    Re: migration suggestion/help

    Why not just upgrade the existing domain?


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      Re: migration suggestion/help

      Company got bought out. So they have the same user but a different company name. Basically I just have to change the name of the domain. But my boss wants me to do everything fresh and not just change the name of the domain. So i am just trying to create a new domain in new forest and move everyone over with sids and share drives (that are on nas) gpos etc.