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Folder Redirection for Laptop Users

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  • Folder Redirection for Laptop Users

    I've use roaming profiles and am now implementing folder redirection as well. It works great, but so far I have only set it up for desktop users. I am not sure how to handle laptop users because when they are away from the office and need access to their data in Documents, Desktop, etc. they wont have it.
    Id appreciate any info on how anyone handles this?

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    Re: Folder Redirection for Laptop Users

    What OS for the Desktops and file servers that the Roaming Profiles and Redirected Folders are placed on?

    I tend to allow the redirected folders to be available offline for laptop users only by creating a GPO that allows it and that targets the laptops only.


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      Re: Folder Redirection for Laptop Users

      I have an SBS 2011 installation using folder redirection for the desktops. One of the users also has a notebook that I joined to the domain and enable folder redirection. When the user has the notebook off the network many of the files and folders are missing. We complicated the matter by enabling offine folders for the user's server share. We removed folder redirection and everything worked properly after that. There may be a solution but I refer to stick with offline folders for the notebook/laptop users - less headaches.
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