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  • TS Licensing / RDP Services

    I have a web server with SQL Studio on & I have a few people set up with RDP onto the server to user SQL Studio. The issue I have is the server only has enough licenses for x2 users to be connected at the same time.
    Someone said to install Terminal Services & then re-configure the licensing to point at our DC where we have a load of licenses sat ready.
    Does anyone have any idea how I do this?
    I know where the TS license service is (Now called RDP Services) but its wanting me to configure a local license store on the web server. Does this sound right?

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    Re: TS Licensing / RDP Services

    For terminal server you will need terminal server lisencing server
    you may install it on DC but not recomended


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      Re: TS Licensing / RDP Services

      We do have a TS licnese server which is what Im trying to connect to. Am I going abvout this the wrong way?

      Some one said if I configured the web server to connect to the pool of licenses on tthe TS license server it would allow more RDP connections.


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        Re: TS Licensing / RDP Services

        If the "web server" is 2008 Web Edition, it will not allow the TS role to be installed.

        Can you confirm which edition is installed?
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          Re: TS Licensing / RDP Services

          Its Server 2008 R2 Std but we use ist for web hosting


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            Re: TS Licensing / RDP Services

            To specify a License Server open Server Manager:

            Select, Roles - Remote Desktop Services - RD Session Host ConfigÖ

            Edit Settings - Licensing

            Double Click, Remote Desktop License Servers

            Select your licenses mode, Device or User and enter the IP or Name of the License Server.

            Keep in mind this may not work if the web server is not added to the same domain as your license server.


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              Re: TS Licensing / RDP Services

              This worked like a charm, many thanks for the help on this one.

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                Re: TS Licensing / RDP Services

                I may have spoke too soon. It now looks like its half working & half not.

                I now find that people can remote desktop onto the TS server with no issues from desktop PC's or laptop. However If a user who is already logged into Citrix tries to remote desktop onto the server from their Citrix desktop they see a message saying:

                The Requested session. Access denied

                I can RDP to any other server 2008 box form my Citrix desktop, as long as the server Iím connecting to isnít a terminals server. So it looks like its just the terminal service servers which are causing me a headache.

                Does anyone have any suggestions for things to check?


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                  Re: TS Licensing / RDP Services

                  Ok now this is getting even stranger. After some more testing I find that when the user is logged into Citrix they cant use RDP to log onto another server with TS enabled, but they can RDP to other servers.

                  We have RDP published as an application for the Citrix environment. If I grant the user access to this he can RDP to any server with TS installed.

                  Why would the published Citrix App RDP word but the standard windows not?