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Terminal Server 2008 Freezing.

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  • Terminal Server 2008 Freezing.

    Hello All.

    I have 2 Terminal servers. Sometimes one of the servers decide to freeze.
    I have reply when i ping but can't connect via rdp or console.
    When i reboot the server, no event can tell me about that freezing. no dump file too.
    I was searching on the web, And there is many more who experienced that.
    Microsoft released an hotfix:
    My problem is that i can't find the hotfix installation.
    My servers are freezing randomly and it's driving me crazy.

    Can someone help me to find out how to download that hotfix?

    thanks in advance!

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    Re: Terminal Server 2008 Freezing.

    There's a link in the hotfix article you listed which points to another MS article. That article has a download request link, and that download is supposed to fix your issue and one other, together. Click on the link, give them your email address, and the email they send you will have a download link (and, if necessary, a password), so you can carry on.

    The second article's link is:

    Good luck.
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      Re: Terminal Server 2008 Freezing.

      I embarrassed myself.