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Fileservers with FC SAN Storage

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  • Fileservers with FC SAN Storage

    Ok, so I have 2 Dell R710, twin 6 core Xeon, 16GB RAM, FC HBA acting as fileservers running Server 2008 R2

    I have just purchased a Dell FC SAN made up of:

    24 x 600GB 15k SAS drives

    The MD3600f connects into my SAN switch, along with the 2 file servers. The MD1200 connects via dual 6Gbps SAS into the MD3600f.

    The File servers hold network homes for around 2000 users (mainly macintosh, so quite a read intensive workflow). We have about 1200 devices.

    How should I configure my storage to suit this environment. It needs to be fast - we were using a sata based system before, but it couldn't deliver the IOPS we required, hence the new SAN.

    Now the questions:

    Should I have one raid 10 array per server, or one large raid 10 array split into luns per server?
    Should I separate homes and profiles onto different luns, or physical disks - we do have some windows users too.

    I only initially require about 4TB (after RAID and formatting) but this will grow as i move other users over.

    Any thoughts / suggestions welcome.

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    Re: Fileservers with FC SAN Storage

    What disk sizes do you currently have in the MD3600f and the MD1200???

    Are you using the Server 2008 R2 box to gove access to the SAN???

    Will you be using the entire SAN to store documents???

    One thought i had is to determine what the data requierments are for each department that you have and split the SAN in that way. e.g. Accounts, Engineering, etc, etc.

    You could also just use the entire SAN as one big storage point.


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      Re: Fileservers with FC SAN Storage

      Also why didn't you buy a unified storage instead?
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        Re: Fileservers with FC SAN Storage

        Unified storage as in SAN / NAS ?

        Its for storing network homes, so users profiles, desktop, my documents, documents, library, music, pictures, public, sites, downloads, movies, music folders.

        FS1 = ~1000 students roughly 2TB
        FS2 = ~1000 students roughly 2TB

        This storage will expand but not by too much, but we can add additional shelves to increase capacity. Main reason for going for so many drives is we need the IOPS (throughput) more than the capacity.

        Yes file servers are the front end to the SAN.