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full access 4 apps not 4 users

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  • full access 4 apps not 4 users

    Here is my dilema,
    I have an app that needs to have full access for a specific program on a shared drive, but one of the users without knowing deleted all and every document on that drive ( no worries I have backups), users are now aware not to delete anything on that network drive, but:

    Is it possible to tell windows how a program has full access rights but the user has very restrictive rights, is that even possible in windows?
    my server is a windows 2008 /64 bit

    Thanks for any help..

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    Re: full access 4 apps not 4 users

    It is possible if the program runs using different credentials than that of the logged in user.

    You can try to set up a shortcut and have the program "run as".
    JM @ IT Training & Consulting


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      Re: full access 4 apps not 4 users

      MMMM.. That came as I knew that but I didn't know I could do that..

      So I will try Giving full access rights to the program, then run as; and making the user with restrictions..

      Thanks JM..