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2008 / RemoteAPP / My documents

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  • 2008 / RemoteAPP / My documents

    Hi all - issue with accessing a shared "my documents" folder directly through a remoteapp


    Clients running Windows 7 Pro, domain network

    2003 server (DC, AD, all major roles) with shared network drive containing folders for each user. GPO redirects the 'My Documents' folder for each user to their personal folder on said network drive.
    2008 server running TS/Remoteapp. I need to set it up so my boss can access his 'My Documents' folder on the shared drive while he's at his home office.

    Seems easy. Remoteapp runs explorer.exe, with a focus on the shared folder, by adding the command line arguments:

    /e,"\\server\share\username\My Documents".

    Oddly, I cannot get it to open directly to the "My Documents" folder on the network drive. The above command appears to create a user account on the 2008 server, and will open the My Documents folder there, as if I had just logged in locally to the 08 box.

    If I change the command line arguments to:


    explorer opens up as expected, and in the 'username's folder, the expected My Documents folder is visible. I can then double click it, see all the documents, and work out of there.

    It seems that RemoteAPP somehow is recognizing the documents folder as priviledged in some way. I don't think it would be a permissions issue, as I've been testing this with admin and domain admin level priveleges.

    Any takers?

    For bonus points, it seems that I cannot pass the %username% of the person authenticating the RDP session to the command line arguments...some Googling reveals this has been an issue..anyone found a workaround?

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    Re: 2008 / RemoteAPP / My documents

    So the folder redirection policy still applies to users on the Terminal Server''s that host your Remote Apps? Do you have any policies set on the Terminal Servers such as Loopback Processing in Replace mode?


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      Re: 2008 / RemoteAPP / My documents

      Hi Virtual
      Sorry, was away for a bit - and thanks for the reply.

      You pointed me at something I didn't realize - folder redirection was applying - with errors - but in this case that's not what I'm going after. I need to stop it from applying, that's now a second problem I have that I need to fix. I'm trying to figure out the loopback processing now (I hadn't configured it). I've enabled it, set it to replace - but I don't know how to configure a GPO to disable folder redirection for my TS. The only thing I can do is enable it or not configure it - which means that the GPO enabling folder redirection will still apply.

      However, my difficulty is that I want to publish explorer.exe as a remoteApp to open the network share where the 'My Documents' folder is. My user is not logging in to a TS console - just opening a remoteapp. For some reason I cannot get remoteApp to open to the network folder containing a user's documents. I can get it to open to any other shared folder.