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routing in windows server 2008

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  • routing in windows server 2008

    actually iam using windows server 2008 inside vmware workstation 8 beta.Now i want to connect two different networks with windows 2008 as for that i physically have one nic in my for connecting two different networks i should have two nic virtually in vmware how to do that???

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    Re: routing in windows server 2008

    Are you trying to route between virtual guests? Assign the server two virtual NICs and enable RRAS. Create two VM guests and assign each guest to one of the two NICs so that the 2008 server is connected to the networks of each guest.

    Are you trying to route between the guests and the physical host? Assign the 2008 server two NICs. One will be bridged with the host, the other a private network. Enable RRAS. Add a NAT interface so that you do not have to worry about routes within your LAN. Place the guest VMs on the same virtual NIC as the 2008 server's 'private' side NIC.

    Can you elaborate on which networks you want to route between?
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      Re: routing in windows server 2008

      ok i will tell the scenario what iam doing actually sir now i have windows server 2008 as a router in vmware and two guest os in same vmware one is and other is and their default gateway is server ip address .yes iam using every thing in in windows server 2008 i went to c networks and sharing centre there is only one connection tat is local area i want two connection right??/