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wds capture image not appearing

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  • wds capture image not appearing

    I am using hyper-v virtual machines. I am not able to multicast the image. I just right clicked the image and tried to create the multicast with no success.Please help, there must be some steps or permissions required to set explicitly. I am trying to multicast a captured image,but multicasting is not starting
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    Re: wds capture image not appearing

    When troubleshooting issues such as the one you described it is most helpful to have the kind of error you are encountering when you are attempting to create a multicast transmission. I do recommend reading the TechNet library resource Performing Multicast Deployments in order to best familiarize yourself with the process of deploying an image using multicasting. Also, when searching for a potential solution to your scenario I did come across the following TechNet forums thread Multicast a captured image in which the OP discovered the resolution to his problem was relating to using the incorrect setup source files in the deployment share.

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