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AD user fields

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  • AD user fields

    Can someone provide information or instructions to:
    I am trying to add or rename a field in the active directory users and computers properties.
    Example - add an employee number or change a existing field description in the general tab or address tab.
    Running server 2008.
    Thanks for any help!!

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    Re: AD user fields

    The values stored in AD as part of a user's properties are part of the AD schema. While there are tools to change those, such changes are, in the most forceful means possible, NOT recommended. Dire consequences can result if the change is not done exactly right, as you may get unexpected results.

    If you're talking about changing the labels of what those fields are called when viewing the info in ADUC, that sounds like you want to change the MMC.

    Either way, that's a big job.

    There are some 375+ fields of info associated with a user object in AD. Only a small handful are required, the rest are either not easily editable or not needed unless you want to use them. If a previously unused field that's already in the schema doesn't work for use of the employee number you mentioned, why not simply use the employee number as the user's logon name? A previous employer of mine does it that way, and has for at least 10 years. The users will probably not like it, but it solves this issue easily.
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      Re: AD user fields

      CSVDE and LDIFE would help you modify fields in bulk. there's plenty of info on technet on how to use them to export and import..

      however, pay close attention to what RicklesP sid.. be careful which ones you edit, and how.

      in terms of using an "employee number' - i'm fairly sure there';s not a field for this. In additon to RicklesP's suggestion, you could considerusing "CustomAttribute' fields that already exist in the scema.
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