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  • Read Only DC Dead

    First time for of my RODC experienced catastrophic drive failure (lost two drives out of its RAID). So, of course, this prevents me from gracefully decommissioning the DC and removing it from AD. I am keeping the IP address and machine name the same. Doing so should bring up dcpromo by default once AD see the new box and allow me to slip the rebuild DC back online.

    Is this correct? Anything wrong with my plan of attack?

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    Re: Read Only DC Dead

    no - the machines will be different to AD, even if it has the same name and IP address
    (unless you have a baremetal image or similar)

    just do a metadata cleanup, then reinstall it and give it the same name and ip if you want.
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      Re: Read Only DC Dead

      Thanks for the info. I'll do just that.