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Scheduled Task Issue

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  • Scheduled Task Issue

    We have a scheduled task on a Server 2008 box that is failing to run, it keeps throwing up the last run result as (0x1).

    The task runs a bat file that runs a FCIV check under a service account that we have created.

    The service account has "log on as a batch service" rights assigned to it and is a local admin for that server. It is also set in the task to "run whether or not the user is logged on", "do not store the password" and "run with highest priviledges".

    If you run the batch file on it's on using the service account the bat file runs and completes successfully. It just doesn't run as a scheduled task.

    If I run the task using my full Domain Admin account the task completes successfully so it appears there is a permission level missing but not entirely sure, anyone any helpful ideas?? I've exhausted mine...