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Problem with 2008 server.

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  • Problem with 2008 server.

    Been having a problem with a 2008 R2 server for a while @ work and now I have sometime to try and find out why its doing it and how to fix it once and for all...

    Its a 2008 R2 server 64Bit virtual server on VMWare 4.0 (2 CPU's 6GB RAM) its running in our domain and all it does is give file access to everyone home drive so we have 2 shares setup pointing to 2 different LUNs on our SAN, server was setup a while ago (about 3 years ago), the only thing that has been done to it in this time is I added 2GB RAM to it to try and help it...

    Basically what happens is after a while the server starts getting really slow to access, so people cant access home drives and applications start going slow as its trying to connect to the home drive, so people start complaining about the slow network etc etc..

    The only visable thing that happens on the server is that the RAM goes up to about 3GB used and stays there, CPU remains very low < 5%

    Physical Memory setting in task manager atm are:

    Total - 6134
    Cached - 3493
    Available - 3451
    Free - 0

    So there is plenty of free RAM, yet when it gets to about 3GB it starts to slow down.

    Did some googeling and some people say its down to patches others say it could be network drivers, this server is kept up to date with patches so that couldnt be the problem.....

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Problem with 2008 server.

    I take it that it is just this server that you have issues with? Are other Guest VMs running as normal on the VMware host? Are you using VMDK files for the VM and/or RDMs? If VMDK, what size are they at?