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Merging Event Logs

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  • Merging Event Logs

    I logged onto my new DC the other day (Server 200 as I was asked to provide the logon/off times for a user. After checking the security logs I soon realised that the properties were set to archive logs when the current log hit 16Mb, subsequently I now have hundreds of separate logs to trawl through.

    After changing the log size to 500Mb I soon realised I need to some how merge all the old logs together into one log file so I can run a search on it.

    Does anyone know how I can do this?

    Google has not been too fruitful on this subject.

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    Re: Merging Event Logs

    you may need a tool that canjust be given a directory and load them all.

    you could also try (slowly, painfully) importing them into a SQL database.. ?

    try this perhaps ?
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