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Windows Search - Performances when logging off

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  • Windows Search - Performances when logging off

    Hi guys,

    I'm having some problems with Windows Search.
    We're working on Windows 2008 R2 based on Remote Desktop Services.

    Our user profiles are located on a file server and are copied on the Remote Desktop server during sessions (Roaming profiles, should be the name of it). We have 50 or 60 ppls connected simultaneously on that server.

    We need to use Windows Search for its multiples benefits (like Outlook 2010's "instant search") but... we're having some weird problems during logoffs.

    "Waiting for the User Profile Service" is displayed during sometimes like 5 mns, maybe more.

    Already spent so much time trying to figure it out... couldn't find anything!

    I "solved" that performance problem by disabling Windows Search service but it's not a great solution as my indexer is not active anymore!

    Thanks for the potential help,