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Storage Server 2008 restart requirements

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  • Storage Server 2008 restart requirements

    Hi everyone!

    We recently acquired a NAS that is powered by Storage Server 2008 R2 and we're using this as an iSCSI target to house our VMs which are powered by a VMware ESXi host. So as we all know, MS releases updates every couple of weeks and may require a restart on the server-side which plagues me in this scenario. So whenever updates require a restart on the NAS I will have to power off the VMs that are stored on that NAS.

    What I want to know is what is required to perform a "clean" restart of the NAS, meaning I want to avoid anything happening to our iSCSI volumes during a reboot. I figure I would need to simply unmount the volumes on the VMware side and just restart the NAS then mount them again once the NAS is back up. We're planning on having a total of 4 VMs residing on the NAS and possibly an additional 3 in the future.

    Should I patch the NAS whenever is most convenient or just totally avoid updates?

    Your advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Storage Server 2008 restart requirements

    Is your storage server conencted to you production LAN or just your iSCSI netowrk???

    If it was isolated i'd consider leaving the patches alone and not updating at all.


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      Re: Storage Server 2008 restart requirements

      It's currently on our production LAN, I've been looking into isolating the iSCSI traffic on its own VLAN but we'd need some new switches.

      I do like the idea of having it on a separate broadcast domain to mitigate the risks of leaving it unpatched..

      For the time being, any idea how I would go about patching the storage server? I did the steps I mentioned earlier and I didn't see any problems when restarting the servers, just want to be safe as these will be production servers eventually..


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        Re: Storage Server 2008 restart requirements

        Sorry no idea. I've never really dealt with Storage Server.

        You might get some info from here though


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          Re: Storage Server 2008 restart requirements

          Thanks for the docs, I'll be sure to give them a good look over.

          Storage Server is basically Windows Server 2008 R2 with iSCSI Target so it shouldn't be too different than administering any other Windows Server OS. So if I decide to go about isolating the storage server there really isn't any need to patch the OS unless it's something major.