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servers reboot planning

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  • servers reboot planning

    2 types of servers:

    1. strictly planned reboot to eliminate any impact
    2. no impact servers (DC, WSUS and others)

    Is it good strategy to reboot servers #2 automatically?
    "When you hit a wrong note it's the next note that makes it good or bad". Miles Davis

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    Re: servers reboot planning

    Personally, I never let a server under my control reboot automatically, just in case, ya know?


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      Re: servers reboot planning


      thanks for your opinion.
      I do not agree to have servers reboot AUTOMATICALLY too.
      But have "difficult" discussion with my collegues.

      I am talking about environment 100+ servers. Are you somewhere in this range?

      Sure there are servers that are critical for the reboot and should be rebooted just in scheduled time. But most of them could be rebooted during out of load periods without any impact.

      Want to hear other opinions.
      "When you hit a wrong note it's the next note that makes it good or bad". Miles Davis


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        Re: servers reboot planning

        Worked with networks of 60+ servers and concur with Georgeeye -- no automatic reboots "just in case" services fail to start cleanly.

        Yes, it is more admin work, but that is, IMHO, made up for by peace of mind.

        Exception -- SCOM or similar products to provide centralised reporting and automatic intervention if services fail may make me change my opinion.
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