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Beginner help needed to install/configure Server VMs

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  • Beginner help needed to install/configure Server VMs

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum, so please be patient with me. I am a developer from the UNIX environment.

    I have been asked to try and setup a web application development platform for 2 developers, including myself on the windows server environment. This involves 2 phases.

    Phase 1 is to try and setup a proto type environment using virtual servers. Once things are up and running then move into Phase 2 which is to move to a proper development environment.

    I will have access to

    Hardware in a VM environment
    Application development in VS2010 environment
    Software environment as follows:
    Windows Server 2008 R2
    Windows Web Server 2008
    SQL Server 2008
    Share Point Server 2010
    Optionally if required
    Project Server 2010
    Exchange Server 2010

    Based on the documentation I have read so far, I assume for the purpose of proto typing, I would have to set up the following:

    On 1 Windows Server 2008 R2 the following roles
    AD services, DNS, DHCP at the very least.

    I am trying to work out how to install and configure other roles such as
    Web Server (IIS), Application Server (.NET/ASP.NET), RDS, File Services along with the other Servers on each of the VMs.

    The Question is, how I can work out how to put together a VM server farm with all of these servers talking to one another and getting access to data as required to handle client OS request.

    I have got no access to any specific architecture documentation other than the web. I am currently going through the Microsoft documentation. But I havenít come across any high level installation and configuration documentation for this type of scenario.

    Can you help me with any ideas, suggestions, recommendations, pitfalls to watch out for, links or documentation to read?

    My email if required is [email protected]

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: Beginner help needed to install/configure Server VMs

    Assuming you have the licensing, you can install Win Server 2008 R2 as a Datacenter version for your hypervisor on a base server PC, and that allows you to create as many Server 2008 virtual servers as your hypervisor hardware can support. Your list of needs looks like between 4 to 6 VMs. Spec your hypervisor with at least 64Gig of RAM and 2 quad-core CPUs and you're off (but more is always better, with VMs).

    To connect all the VMs, you'll set up one or more virtual switches inside the virtual environment as you need to separate traffic. If all the VMs are to be on the same subnet, then you'll set all the VM network adapter properties to connect to a single virtual network switch.

    You connect to the real world by linking the virtual switch to a NIC installed in the hypervisor. When you connect that NIC to a real switch, and client PCs to the same switch, you have a server-client domain.

    If you have multiple virtual subnets, each one would be connected to a different hypervisor NIC, and then each NIC would be connected to an external switch/router. You'll need a router to cross VLANs just as you would with physical servers/core switches, etc., so that's nothing new.

    When you said 'proper development environment', I wonder if you mean physical servers to 'mirror' your virtualised environment. If so, why? It's not needed at all, and it's simpler to backup/restore if it's virtual.
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      Re: Beginner help needed to install/configure Server VMs

      Thank you for your feedback.
      I will take on board what you are saying.
      For my purpose all VMs will be on the same subnet talking to the same virtual switch.
      When I say real development environment, I mean having a proper administrative side of things such as having different subnets as required, implementing backup/restore schemes for the VMs, implementing configuration management of the code base, implementing printing services, etc.
      VMs should be part of the real solution.


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        Re: Beginner help needed to install/configure Server VMs

        Since you appear to be new to the windows domain environment, a few days consultancy may be the best option -- depending on what you want you will end up with a detailed plan or a fully implemented system
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          Re: Beginner help needed to install/configure Server VMs


          Yes, ideally what you are saying is what should happen. But in my case it's something I need to do for the moment. I don't have a choice at this stage. I was hoping to study and follow a general design scenario that I could source to try and put together something myself to see how it worked.


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            Re: Beginner help needed to install/configure Server VMs

            Technet is worth a first review for you and Technet Virtual labs. As you review the material, feel free to ask specific questions. You will also find forums posts in the Hyper-V forum that also addresses some of your questions.


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              Re: Beginner help needed to install/configure Server VMs

              your development environment.. if it's just to develop an app.. does it definitely need an AD configuration.. ?
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