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Windows 2008 R2 Print server and low bandwidth sites

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  • Windows 2008 R2 Print server and low bandwidth sites

    Hi all.

    I've done a fair bit of googling, and not found anything, so apologies if its a dumb question!

    Basically, we have a lot of sites which have low bandwidth lease lines (some as low as 256kb/s)

    I want to try and get all the printers in the company onto our print server, then just get the clients connecting to the server, instead of having local drivers installed for the printers on site.

    My main worry is if one of the low bandwidth site tries sending a large document with a load of pictures to their printer when its hosted on the print server, it will transfer the document over the leased line to the print server, spool it, then transfer it back again, which will take ages, and instantly be binned as the users will kick off too much.

    Is there a way which you can use the print server, however set it to send documents directly to the printer from the client if they are over a certain size?

    Hope that makes sense!


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    Re: Windows 2008 R2 Print server and low bandwidth sites

    AFAIK not -- there are options to allow jobs into a queue based on time and group restrictions, but nothing for job size.

    However, it would not be beyond the wit of IT Man (although not user ) to write Word or Excel macros to look at e.g. the page count and choose a printer appropriately. Obviously this would not help with PDFs and other large files.

    Is there any reason you cannot deploy a local print server, ideally on a server OS but even on a workstation subject to the 10 concurrent connection limit?
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      Re: Windows 2008 R2 Print server and low bandwidth sites

      Thanks for the reply.

      We are in the last stages of removing all physical servers from our estate as we have gone down the virtual route, and are moving completely into the cloud this year, so the bosses don't want any servers floating around on site. Also for ease of administration, have as few servers as possible.

      The main reason I want to push for centralised printing, is because I am in the process of implementing Citrix into our organisation, and want to use "Printer redirection" on the citrix servers, as having session printing policies for each site is a nightmare (as we have 120 sites!) however I also want to control the printers and drivers that infect our Citrix servers. Also it looks like the Citrix session makes its own connection to the print server if it finds someone has a printer on a print server (instead of locally), as there isn't a "redirected" and session ID on the printer name.

      Stupid crappy low bandwidth sites!