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Recieve-Side Scaling Issue

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  • Recieve-Side Scaling Issue

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to advise of a problem that has been driving me nuts for quite a while as others may find it useful.

    I had a Dell Server running SQL with a Broadcom NIC. Every day at least once it would drop the NIC with a Event ID 4 L2nd error.

    Last week I was reading on some new network features in 2008 and realised that one RSS was enabled.

    Disabled and rebooted *touch wood* this has not happened again.

    To check if its running type:

    netsh int tcp show global


    netsh int tcp set global rss=disabled

    Of course this feature is a great tool for splitting network load across multi-core CPU's so I would not disable just for the fun of it, you will find one core of your CPU will taking a lot more load on after disabling.

    Also disable at your own risk

    Hope this helps someone,


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    Re: Recieve-Side Scaling Issue

    I always disable all of the SNP (Scalable Networking Pack) features on NICs, as they cause more problems than they solve IME. The SBS 2008 BPA for example will tell you to disable all of these features.
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