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Ftp Problem. Please Help!

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  • Ftp Problem. Please Help!

    I have installed 2 ftp sites using the same ip but with diffrent ports on a windows 2008 server.
    The first one use the default port -21, works just fine.
    The second one use 65051 port, and thats the one giving me problems.
    When ever i connect via dos (cmd: ftp command) and try to upload useing the 'put' command, i get - "150 opening ascii mode data connection" and nothing happens.\
    The firewall is open for 65051 port, i used telnet to make sure.

    Any suggestion?

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    Re: Ftp Problem. Please Help!

    Have you checked the logs on the server? They may give a little more insight.

    Also, sometimes you have to enable FTP in passive mode to get through some firewalls.


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      Re: Ftp Problem. Please Help!

      FTP uses 2 ports by default, 21 & 22. One is for control, one is for data. Opening the single firewall port may not be enough. You might want to look at how the second port # is assigned, whether it's automatically one port higher, and adjust for that.
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