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Restrict Access to FileServer or Shares

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  • Restrict Access to FileServer or Shares

    I am trying to find a simple/easy solution to restrict access to our Shares to only computers that are members of the domain. I know of 2 solutions but the first although easy for me to implement and administer would not be for others in my Dept. The second just seems like an administrative nightmare/overhead. We are using Windows 2008R2 DC's and FileServer.

    Solution 1: Setting up IPSec Domain Isolation to the FileServer
    Solution2: Restricting Users Log On To.... Computers List

    Any other or newer solutions to this problem? Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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    Re: Restrict Access to FileServer or Shares

    shares are based onuser privs.

    make sure you dont use "everybody" but instead use aithenticated users.

    you could also look at network level authentication - requiring comouters to havecertificstes before they can access thenetwork at any level.
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      Re: Restrict Access to FileServer or Shares

      I think what tehcamel is getting at is that you can use NTFS (and Share) permissions to control access.

      If the files are located on a drive formatted using NTFS then I recommend setting the Share permissions to Everyone -> Full Control and locking down access using the NTFS permissions.

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