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W2K8 Server (VPS) DNS Not Resolving

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  • W2K8 Server (VPS) DNS Not Resolving

    Good Evening Everyone:

    This is my first post. I searched the Win 2008 forum but didn't find any posts with quite these symptoms.

    I have a Windows VPS running Windows Server 2008 Std, SP2. It's being used as a web server (IIS 7) and email server (SmarterMail 7.3) and has been working very well until yesterday. It's using OpenDNS servers and but is not itself a DNS server. Yesterday DNS stopped resolving, which in turn is causing email to not be sent since SmarterMail can't resolve the domain names to IPs. It's also causing problems receiving mail from outside the server. When I do an nslookup on any domain, it comes back with "DNS request timed out". I did a tracert to, which did finish. While ping times were very good, it took a while to complete because name resolution failed for every hop. Nslookup also fails even if I specify other name servers, like (Google public DNS). Finally yesterday I rebooted the server, and right after it came back up, nslookup worked again--but only briefly--then failed again.

    I've run scans, but as yet have found no infections. The last symptom seems to indicate that after boot up, something on the server either starts actively blocking DNS queries, or interferes with the necessary ports, but I'm not having any luck finding out what it is. I thought perhaps something else starting using the necessary ports. Then I found out that--please correct me if I'm wrong here--as the dns client, it should just be using whatever random ports are available over 1023.

    I'm working with my provider, but so far they've not been any help. I'm hoping someone here can offer some suggestions or advice as to where to look or what may be interfering with DNS lookups.

    I look forward to hearing your ideas.


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    Re: W2K8 Server (VPS) DNS Not Resolving

    Is this server part of a domain???


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      Re: W2K8 Server (VPS) DNS Not Resolving

      No, not part of a domain. It's just a stand alone that uses the default "workgroup". It had been working great for several months until this past Wed morning. I even checked for any stray Windows updates, but the most recent was a couple of weeks ago.


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        Re: W2K8 Server (VPS) DNS Not Resolving

        Is it behind a firewall of some sort???

        Has anyone made changes to the firewall if it is??


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          Re: W2K8 Server (VPS) DNS Not Resolving

          As far as I know, just the Windows firewall. My provider did eventually get it fixed. They claim it was a "Windows firewall bug," but they will not elaborate, so I can't verify their claim.

          Does anyone know of a Windows 2008 Server R2 firewall issue that could have caused this? I've heard of a W2K8 firewall issue related to EDNS that can disrupt access to some sites while allowing access to others. This problem disrupted access to everything.