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risky question: 2 domain controllers/same dns server

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  • risky question: 2 domain controllers/same dns server


    Not fully understaning how DNS/Domain works just yet and still learning.
    We have a single network, on the network there is a domain called '' which contains 2 domain controllers windows server 2003, and a linux DNS, with many read-only DNS servers.

    I now have a new server with Windows Server 2008, and I will be implementing it sometime in next month or so.

    But, I want to use a different domain name, since 'windows' is a bit confusing towards people.
    If I do create a new domain, on the same network with a different domain name, i.e dcswin, is it possible to continue to use the same DNS server,

    technically, the dns server has a top level dns of
    while the 'windows' top level is

    I guess, the new domain controller I am asking, can it continue to use
    or does the dns server have to match the domain controller name...

    Also, in time, I will be removing the domain 'windows' and upgrade the 2 servers to 2008 too, so we will have a full 2008 infrastructure... even though Windows Server 8 will be available shortly.

    Sorry I am not sure what I am asking... but help is appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    Re: risky question: 2 domain controllers/same dns server

    For a new domain, you'll need a DNS zone to support it. If you absolutely need to host DNS on your linux infrastructure, then will need to create a subdomain under the zone,

    I assume that since you are supporting the 2003 domain, this DNS server can already support dynamic updates and SRV records. If not, that is a requirement for hosting Active Directory.

    Alternatively, you could host DNS services for this domain, on your Windows boxes and just create a delegation zone on the linux DNS systems.

    There are several ways to layout the DNS design depending on the requirements.

    With regard to upgrading the 2003 domain, that's another project that, depending on the requirements should be carefully planned for.
    JM @ IT Training & Consulting


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      Re: risky question: 2 domain controllers/same dns server

      Yes, the linux dns does accept/support dynamic updates and SRV records, and not to mention we're running the Active Directory, which I forgot to say.

      I think I do prefer to run the DNS service for the 'windows boxes' as the linux DNS guy keeps complaining about his DNS and windows boxes, i.e dns entries not being removed, that because the dns server doesnt allow clients to dynamic update.

      But I have no experience in running the DNS services, as I never used them. I read the books about it, but without actually doing it... - which is why I need a dummy network.. one of my major tasks to do shortly.

      Well, I am not doing a 'upgrade' I am just going to wipe the system and install 2008.
      But I guess the problem is, how to migrate all the users to the new domain, as clients won't recognise the new domain.. so clients may need to join the new domain...

      Is it possible to rename the current Domain 'windows' to 'dcswin' and update the DNS Zone for this, as well the SRV records, then install 2008, so users and computers be replicated from 2003, to 2008... then retire 2003 domain? I will need to think through this and read the books...
      I have upgraded the 2000 domain to 2003 few years ago, - without upgrading the actual OS' I actually made them retire.