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smtp in iis7

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  • smtp in iis7


    Test AD 2008. 1 DC and couple of Linux VMs.

    1. I need to provide SMTP server IP for an App on Linux VM.
    Since there is no Exchange server in AD, I decided to enable SMTP server on DC
    Finally the app from Linux should send messages to a valid email address
    Would it do the job? Or IIS SMTP may serve only local apps?

    2. I installed WEB role and enabled SMTP feature on DC.
    In IIS6 manager SMTP is running and shows v7.5.

    There are plenty instructions for configuring SMTP in IIS7 that say: configure SMTP in IIS 7, after WEB role and SMTP feature are installed.
    But SMTP doesn't appear in IIS7 Features view. What I am missing in order to have SMTP in IIS7?

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    Re: smtp in iis7

    if somebody will need it...
    here are the answers to my questions from the other forum group:

    1. It should work as it is a general purpose SMTP service.

    2. SMTP is no longer part of IIS (Microsoft IIS team no longer work on it - another team take it over - nor consider it as part of IIS), though you are using the old IIS 6 Manager to configure SMTP on Windows Server 2008 (R2). You missed nothing and you should get used to such strange/happy decision.
    "When you hit a wrong note it's the next note that makes it good or bad". Miles Davis