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IIS INTERNET redudancy

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  • IIS INTERNET redudancy

    Hi guys i have a iis website which is internet facing what im trying to do is always make in available so i have a fixed internet line with static ips and also an sdsl how do i get the website to use both internet connections?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: IIS INTERNET redudancy

    Round robin dns won't help.. because if one connection goes down, you'll see one in two requests fail.

    So the best scenaripo is a load balancer. It needs to sit in front of both the itnernet conenctions. You then point the DNS to this load balancer, and the load balancer shold have the smarts to know which connection is up or down.

    otherwise, depending on what the iis site is for, put it on a hosted server. I'm not a big fan of having websites hosted internally and publically available except where specifically necessary.
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