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Limiting Access through Internet Printing

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  • Limiting Access through Internet Printing


    At any given time we can have a couple hundred wireless clients on our guest wireless. The only access between the guest wireless and our internal LAN is http. These clients can be any wireless device imaginable. The users have domain accounts for logging into lab computers and the wireless network, but the computers themselves are off the domain.

    A new requirement to allow these guest clients to print wirelessly to internal printers. I've set up Internet Printing on our Windows 2008 R2 server and have successfully installed printer drivers from the server onto a client using test domain credentials.

    I want to limit what printers these guests can see, and also hopefully restrict any administration the clients can perform (like cancel all jobs). Currently the clients can connect to all printers which is not good. Is limiting access possible through Internet Printing?


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    Re: Limiting Access through Internet Printing

    With enough fiddling I figured it out.

    Using the printer's security settings I limited the users that could print to a given printer. Once I did that and removed the Everyone---Print permission the printer disappeared from the web site.

    As for administration of the printer, the users have no more admin rights than they ever do since they are logging onto the print server with their limited user credentials.


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      Re: Limiting Access through Internet Printing

      An hour and 4 minutes between posts. Very well done!! and thanks for posting back and sharing with the Community your solution.

      Thank You Kevin, much appreciated!
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        Re: Limiting Access through Internet Printing

        Thanks. I should have tried harder before I posted, but maybe this will help someone else out.

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