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file server resource Manager Issue

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  • file server resource Manager Issue

    I have a 250MB quota template created in FSRM in windows 2008.
    It was applied to D:\Rest.
    3.It was then removed from D:\Rest.
    4.A number of folders on D:\rest had the quota increased upwards from 250MB, near to may be 350 MB

    If If we re-apply the template to D:\rest will it change anything for existing 250MB user quotas which was increased and
    will it revert users who have been changed from the 250MB quota?

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    Re: file server resource Manager Issue

    I think if you re-apply the 250 MB quota template on D:\Rest , then it will not revert the users exceeding 250 MB , however it will affect new users, and also the users who has already exceeded the 250 will be affected by the action you have selected in desk quota .e.g if you have selected Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit then users who already exceed their quota limit receive an "insufficient disk space" error from Windows and cannot write additional data to the volume without first deleting or moving some existing files from it